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Over the passed 5 years we have created an inclusive community of like minded individuals, becoming a place of focus, motivation and fun all in which is are integral pieces to the success of any fitness programme.

What sets Addix Fitness apart from any other gym is our dedication to health and fitness as a profession. Our staff has excelled in a variety of sports/disciplines, trained with top people in the fitness industry, and have background/experience and qualifications across a variety of disciplines, including, gymnastics, CrossFit, CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Football, CrossFit Mobility, CrossFit weightlifting, OPEX, BWLA, Boxing, mixed martial arts and rugby to name a few. Movement is a crucial component to health and wellness.

As top professionals in our industry, we have dedicated our lives to the study of human movement and mechanics and how it relates to overall health and wellness. The modern lifestyle promotes poor movement and mechanics and those poor movement patterns are causing pain and injury. In order to best serve our clients, we have turned our gym into a classroom and our coaches into educators, teaching our clients how to move again, the way their body was intended to, and empower them to work towards health and fitness goals.

The Addix Fitness coaches are experienced, dedicated and passionate in delivering the best services in programme design, nutrition & lifestyle coaching, whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or looking for that extra edge in performance we have the expertise to help you achieve your desired goals, making Addix Fitness exclusively the one stop shop for your health and fitness results in the area.

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