Personal Statement from Exclusive Coaching Client Ceri James:

ceriI started having exclusive coaching with Levi in January 2015, my reason for looking into exclusive coaching was my health as I have problems with my thyroid.

Levi has been an excellent resource for me trying to control my thyroid with diet; he has done research for me and given me individualised eating plans aimed at reducing the risk of my thyroid problem flaring up.  So far I have not had a flare up and feel the diet and exercise has been responsible for avoiding another relapse.

Levi also supported and guided me in doing an elimination diet to establish what foods I am intolerant to, this has not only helped with my thyroid but has also helped with other physical health issues; my IBS has completely gone.

Levi has also worked with me on my individual health and fitness goals; tailoring my program to achieve my goals, I have found this invaluable as I am new to this type of fitness program, and with Levi giving me individual support to develop I feel my training is going well and I notice the difference, both in my strength and stamina.  I am also learning the correct techniques as I am completely new to any exercise using weights.

I have found the individual approach really beneficial for me, both in my training and diet.  I have found it encouraging and it has helped me really think about my goals and my lifestyle, and helped me think about what is important to me and what I want to achieve.

Levi’s is an excellent personal coach, he is easy get on with, has a friendly and encouraging manner and is very dedicated to his clients, I would recommend exclusive coaching to anyone, but think it is especially valuable to anyone who has a particular health issues they are trying to manage.

Personal Statement from Group Coaching Client Ivor Anthony:

ivorI have been training at Addix Fitness for over 3 years and have loved every minute of it. Being there and being part of it has made a major contribution to my own well being and enjoyment of life.

I work as a Duty Manager in a Life Centre and I am also a retained firefighter for South Wales Fire and Rescue Service and have been involved with health and fitness industry for over 25 years. I have never come across a more complete package that involves fitness strength and conditioning and a regime that will take you to a whole new level of ability.

The feeling of actually seeing myself get better and being among friends who are striving for the same thing it is the most inspired I have ever been.

I have made great friends at Addix Fitness and could not imagine going anywhere else to train. With no word of a lie this place has become the one thing I live my life around, I turn up for the 6.15 class nearly every morning and honestly can’t wait to start my day at there.

There is always something new and always a new challenge, the programming and coaching is second to none, you are watched and taught and monitored and your progression grows, once you see yourself doing things you could never dream of doing you realise that it works and you want to do more.

Without a doubt walking through the doors at Addix Fitness for the first time was one of the best ideas I have ever had, I urge you to do the same.

Personal Statement from Group Coaching Client Barry Lougher:

barryI have been training with Levi at Addix Fitness for almost 3 years. Prior to this, I had spent years lifting weights in bodybuilding gyms with my pals, just like the vast majority of those of born in the seventies. I followed the rule of thumb 3 sets of 10 chest and biceps one day, back and triceps the next day, followed by a day of legs and shoulders, and of course abs and calves every day. To get fit, I used to run around the local rugby field as many times as I could. Progress was pleasing for a while, then it plateaued and I got bored, unsurprisingly.

“Progression” for me was to join one of the new large commercial gyms that were springing up in the towns and cities, and with my corporate rate, I signed up to the 12 month contract, dazzled by the plethora of treadmills, elliptical machines, pec-decs, lat-pulldown machines, you name it, they had a machine for every muscle in the body. I also liked the fancy coloured lighting that adorned the gym and swimming pool, sauna and Jacuzzi. I was even flattered by the offer of a special exercise routine that involved a 5min warmup, 3 sets of 10 on each of the aforementioned “state of the art” machines, and 10mins on the treadmill, followed by some Swiss ball ab crunches. I really was living the exercise dream, until I noticed that I wasn’t making any progress.

A couple of years of sedation followed, interspersed with the odd blast on my home dumbbell’s or a jog around the block.  Prompted by a desire to supplement my daughter Sara’s swimming program (she swam for Wales at the Delhi Commonwealth games), with some land training, I found Addix Fitness and Levi Jenkins.

My first WOD was 70kg back squat for 10 reps followed by a 400m run, 5 rounds. It hurt a lot, and left me on the deck gasping for breath with my legs screaming. One of the existing members told me a few months later that he had told his brother “we won’t be seeing him again”! 3 years later and I’m still training, still improving and most importantly loving every moment. I’m almost 44 years of age and I still hit PB’s, and although I’m not very good at some of the movements, there are some that I am good at, and in essence, this is one of the reasons that I really enjoy training with Levi and the gang at Addix Fitness; it’s always a different challenge, every day.

Levi is an excellent, well qualified coach with a great attitude towards training, and takes time to explain the technical movements in an easy to understand way. Credit also goes to the other members of Addix Fitness, who are friendly, helpful and encouraging, as well as being a very hard working bunch of people. The atmosphere and special feeling of euphoria after you complete a WOD, is what has kept my interest and enjoyment, even throughout the cold, dark and wet winter months.

Give Addix Fitness a try, it will be the most enjoyable training you have done.

Personal Statement from Group Coaching Client Gareth Tremain:

garethI am a chartered physiotherapist. I was a professional rugby player when I was younger and I have lifted weights and trained hard for over 20 years.

I joined Addix Fitness about 18 months ago. I wasn’t sure what to expect, because I had heard so many of my physio colleagues making negative comments about the high risk of injury.

I’m very pleased to say that I was pleasantly surprised on a number of levels. Firstly, it is not the extreme, unsupervised, dangerous form of training that I had been told it was, but a very well-coached and structured rounded exercise class. I continue to be impressed by Levi’s enthusiasm and the quality of his personal training.

Secondly, I was made to feel extremely welcome by Levi and the members of the Vampire class (6.15 morning class!). There is a friendly competitive edge to every session, which pushes everyone that little bit harder. I have made some very good friends and enjoy the regular banter with the class members.

Finally, I have noticed greater improvements in my strength and physique over the past 18 months, than at any stage in the previous 20 years I have been training. There is an ethos in the group based on health and enjoyment, which includes advice on nutrition. I have a more rounded fitness and diet now than ever before.

Keep up the good work.

Personal Statement from Group Coaching Client Dan Ferris:

danAt 41 years old, having not done any physical exercise for a very long time and reaching a new low in my physical condition by tipping the scales at 23 and 1/2 stone with absolutely no energy, I thought perhaps that the Hybridfit approach would be too far out of my league and that those that coach it and train would laugh me out the door when I turned up for the first class in January, but I could not have been more wrong as I have never met a more welcoming and encouraging group of people and, under the extremely knowledgable and experienced direction of coach Levi Jenkins I managed to lose 3 stone in the first two months. Since then I have lost a further 1 and 1/2 stone and am steadily returning to a more healthy and fitter condition.

In the first class Levi talked us all through the principles of the training programme we would be following, as well as the basics of the lifestyle changes we should follow to make a real difference, not just how healthy eating works to lose weight and tone up, but also the positive effects it would have on general health and well being. Feeling slightly intimidated by what I was signing up for and doubting I was up to the challenge, I remember him saying “just get yourself here and I’ll take care of the rest”.

It hasn’t been easy trying to reverse a number of years of poor choices in diet and lack of exercise, but with the support of the Hybridfit team and coaching of Levi, the journey so far has been enjoyable and very rewarding.

I can honestly say that there is no way whatsoever I would have achieved what i have so far by joining a ‘standard gym’, each movement to learn has been taught step by step with meticulous attention to detail and consideration for the individual’s physical ability. Constant encouragement from Levi and all the Addix Fitness team has and continues to motivate me to achieve so much more.